Beautiful Montenegro

Beautiful Montenegro

What will be the best place to visit for your soul? – For me it was Montenegro.

This country has everything you want for a good holiday: mountains, sea, the sun, beach, backpack trips into the mountains, climbing, cool weather somewhere in the mountains. There is a big ski resort.
Here in my blog I will tell you about Montenegro and how to come home with lots of positive thoughts and a good mood.
1. So at first plan your holiday. It’s better to start your holiday in Montenegro with a historical and cultural city Kotor. You could reach this city by Bus, departing from a bus Station near Tivat. The bus goes once 1 hour, so be careful with time.

So at first we went to Kotor, and stayed there 2 days, (that was enough to see everything and even climb the mountain). –Then we went to Zablyak in the mountains and stayed there 2 days as well. (Take a car) –Afterwards we went to Budva (the most touristic place) and stayed there 2 days. –After Budva we went to Herzeg Novi (be careful there are no free parking lots in the city), through Perast and stayed in Herzeg Novi closer to the city –After Herzeg Novi we headed to the East, Ulzin and spen there just 1 day, — and then we turned back to Budva, here we spent 2 more days and it was the finnishing part of our trip. From there we took a bus to Tivat airport.

So Kotor-Zablyak-Budva-(Perast)-Herzeg Novi-Ulzin-Budva
“View on Kotor from above”

This is me somewhere in the center of Kotor

2. Be ready for the bad weather: strong wind and wettness could catch you somewhere in the mountains.

If you decided to go to the mountains. Take a light jacket, if it is autumn or late summer, a good warm sweater and a pair of shoes will be your best friends.

After visiting Kotor we went to the fortress whis is located a little bit higher in the mountains above Kotor. We didn’t reach that fortress, but we climbed up in the mountains. It was a long and quite difficult serpantine road. But closer to the top you could see the whole Kotor Bay.

The view from the Kotor mountain.

So, on the top of the mountain it was quite cold, so I cought a cold after this trip without a jacket and warm shoes. But it was worth going there. The view was just amazing. We went back already in the darkness and spent 8 hours up there. When we were heading down back, the Mountain behind us seemed to be a scarry troll. I was really afraid of it!

THe top of the mountain and my husband heading back.

3. When we were there we met a lot of interesting people. So according to some experience we found out that it’s not a good idea to have an appartment in only 1 place.

You won’t have a chance to see all the sightseeings, especially if you are by bus.

We had apartments in 4 different places, so that in the evening the road home just took no more than 10-15 min.

4. If you love nature and you are a tourist – visit Zablyak.

This is the North of Montenegro, and you will go up to the Mountains. There you will see a ski resort, and just pure and green 2 amazing lakes. Many centures ago it was just one lake, so called Black lake, now, it’s devided into 2.

So if you want to go there – you could take a bus, but I advise you to take a car, if you go with a partner, or moreover as a group. The bus costs more expensive than a car.

And also if you go there late summe or autumn take warm jackets with you, cause the temperature is really different from all other cities there. In Kotor that time there was 26 C, in Zablyak it was only 4C in the evening. But this place is worth visiting. The view is just amazing. Take some delicious coffee or tea to sit on the lake shore, have a rest, and listen to birds.

(As you can see I am in the jacket in the middle of the day there)

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