The sky in Norway

The sky in Norway

What a beautiful sky!– We exclaim when we see these fleece and stratus clouds.  But the sky in norway was always different and extremely beautiful. It’s needed to say that the climate in Norway is very mild and humid and it’s a pleasure to walk and enjoy it.

From august to november you can often  see the sun outside.

A lot of sun makes you happy there.

And of course there is much impression from the evening sky with its sunset.

One day there was too much fog. It felt like you had eyes problems, but in real fog wraped the whole city. This is November, so there is no snow outside.

On the day of my leaving I had a chance to take a picture of fog diffusion above the fjord. I met such moment only once. The fjord is not frozen, but all the ground is covered with snow.

Several times I saw a rainbow. It was something unbelievable. Here is it, you can come and touch, but no, when you approach the rainbow closer and closer it goes away and dissapears.

Looks like it’s red fetathers.

The first light in the morning.

All these little moments make us happy, so let more little details will be on your road. Be happy and stay positive! 

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