24-25.09 2018. Norway – Flatanger

24-25.09 2018. Norway – Flatanger

I would like to describe one of the best trips I have ever experienced in my life. On 24-25 September in the frameworks of our programm we started our way to Flatanger. This is amunicipality in Trondelag area. This place is famous for having some of the most difficult sport climbing routes in the world. 

We, students are so grateful to the Nord University for such a chance to be there and experience everything.

So on the 1 day we started our way at 9.00 and at 12.00 We were already in Flatanger.  From the first view I realized that this place is like the Paradise: cliffs, sea, birds, forest, small lakes, and many beautiful islands.

So we went out from our bus and the owner of the fishing houses/hotels showed us the way to go.

The weather was bad – it was the heavy rain, and it was stormy. 

Here is the beautiful view from our balcony:

So we unpack our stuff and started our trip. So our team was divided into 2 groups. For our group the first round was hiking on the island and fishing. So we took our little ferry and started our way. There were waves so it was so funny to stay and jump on it.

And the view of course was amazing. I have never seen such mixture of clouds, sun, sea, and islands.

So we reached the destnation. It was ai island were we supposed to go to the lighthouse. We went not so quickly, because the wind was so heavy and it was knocking down. But we had lots of fun. 

This is the light house to what we were going. The landscape was different – plain area was changed by little hills or cliffs, and also there were little puddles of pure water. When we reached the lighthouse we went up and it was litteraly knocking down because of wind, but the view was incredible – The Norwegean Sea, waves werecolliding with cliffs and there was the family of eagles, who were flying above the waves, trying to catch some fish.

It was time to fo back, so we went back and the wind was blowing in our back. We took our ferry and started fishing. Our guys caught 6 macrels. They were killed immediately, because they did not want to watch them dying at all.

So we finished fishing in 10 minutes (so short time for them, but I was happy).

We reached our home, had some hot tea and snacks and continued our day hiking. And this part was even more amazing than the 1 part.

So with Ole Peter (our favourite teacher) we starte our route. At first we were going and talking. I went with Jeny, who told me about her origin. She is half American, because her mother is American and half Norwegean. She told me about the place in America she visits often in the summer time, about American people and how they are different from Norwegean. I saw that she loves both nations and that’s great. Also she told me about her twin sister Jessy and her life a little bit. It was a nice talk. But then we collided with the first obstacles. It started to be muddy, and then there were big stines on our route. We were closer to the famouse cave that is called hanshelleren. The big cave, to where all the professional Norwegean climbers go and climb. So on our route we collided with big pats of the rock and big stones, so we had to do up and climb them.

With us, there was a student from Austria, he was so afraid of height, but we had to go up and continue our route, so he went and he was shaking, but he reached the destination by overcoming himself. Great guy and by the way, so generous.

So we reached the top of the hill, and I could not believe my eyes, from the top there was the view on different little islands, the beautiful trees, and little lakes. 

So, it was time to do back, but we could not find the way ahead, because there was the end of the hill. So we decided to go back. When we went home we waited for the second half of our group and went to the restaurant to eat our supposingly cooked caught fish. But when we came, there was something unbelievable. There was a chef, who cooked for us fish soup, salat, stewed fish, little cakes, delicious and soft bread with sause, and labskaus. Everything was so amazing. We were talking and eating and adding some more. After a while we called our cook and thanked him for the food. He was an incredible guy.

At 11 o. clock we went sleeping. All the night it was stormy and windy, but inside the hotel you feel cozy and happines.

On the next day we woke up and realized that it is still stormy. At 8.30 our bus left Middagsfjellet. And we were on our way to salmon farm area.

At 9.00 we arrive to the company called Bjørøya. We were met by an interesting and funny guy, who works for this company. During an hour he told us about farming. He gave a presentation, during which we realized how they farm salmon, what are the seized of cages and the number of them. Also we realized how the sell it, and what the amount is, how the feed it and how the salmon lives.

The production of salmon is huge. It exports to other countries – Western Europe and Also Eastern. There are big 16 m in diagonal cages.

So, after the presentation we were supposed to take the rubber quick boat and go to this place.

The first group went and we were waiting for them. During this time I told with our teacher Ole Peter, who told me how I can visit Lofoten. I realized how he loves his job and people, he did that with much of care.

So it was our turn to go and in order to go for it we had to wear the waterproof costumes and wear the brillers. 

We were warned that the boat will be so fast, so we had to wear glasses on the hood.

So we started – and it was an incredible, amazing, funny, and beautiful finnishing of our trip. We were jumping on the waves, the water went directly onto our faces, we saw beautiful island, rocks, mountains, forests, and of course the Norwegean sea. We were screaming and laughing, because everytime we were also scared about that we can turn round with our boat. So we came to these farming areas, and I realized that they are huge and a little bit scary.

So there I understood how much I love Norway. There are many differences between our Russian culture and theur culture. But this is another story.



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