Turkey 2021 in the pandemic period. Part 1

Turkey 2021 in the pandemic period. Part 1

How to get to Turkey in Pandemic period?

In May of 2021 we visited Turkey. It was a really spontaneous decision, because our direct flight to Turkey was cancelled right before 3 days of our scheduled flight. We decided not to sponsor Russian resorts in Sochi and Gelendjik. And tried to find the tickets from Russia to Turkey in different ways of travel. And we found the flight from Russia with stop over at Moldova. From Moldova to Istanbul.

Our plane from Moscow to Moldova

Our stopover at Moldova was short. So in 40 minutes we were already sitting in the plane to Istanbul. I am afraid of flights, but furthermore we will have 5 more flight from and to different destinations.

The way Istanbul looks like

So the same day we came to Istanbul. We were expecting to see the sunny city. But it was rainy and still very beautiful and colourful.

A mosque in Istanbul
It was cold enough the photo right before we eat standing on the same street
It has to be said that there are cats everywhere. At the hotel where we stayed this little friend was watching us and wanted to play
A lot of streets in Turkey were narrow and cozy, and from the other hand they looked like they were abandoned and dangerous.

Sightseeings and tourists we wanted to get acquainted with

The next day after our flight we went sightseeing along Istanbul. Istanbil is a very populated city. What amazed us:

  • The police. The police people look very strong and dangerous. Citizens are afraid of them and don’t try to disobey them.
  • Streets are colourful and cozy
  • A lot of people with big loads.
  • There are trains you can use all over city. They are fast and convenient.
  • Streets are on hills. So you should go on hills and from them every time.
A ladder up the hill

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