Turkey in the pandemic period. Part 2

Turkey in the pandemic period. Part 2

Our journey to Cappadocia.

So, it wasn’t easy to get to Cappadocia. In the morning we took a plane from Stambul and landed in Cappadocia. To reach our place where we lived we had to take a bus from the airport and take the 2 bus from the bus station.

To get on the second bus wasn’t that easy, because the there was a bus ststion, where bus companies placed their advertisements and competed with each other. So we found a guy who led us to one more guy, who lead us to the right bus.

When we got to the place Goreme. We were astonished by this beauty.There were the stone houses and stone hills all over the place. Beautiful place it was.

The next day, not to miss a good weather we took a baloon travel over Goreme.


preparing for taking off

We have met lots of people there.

And the journey ended in a beautiful day.

The stone sities.

An ancient stone city

Also we met lots of interesting people from our country and not.

Here is the place – a little bit dangerous and beautiful. We met guys at the restaurant the day before the trip.

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